My Easel


You’re an inquisitive one aren’t you?

The author is an electrical engineering undergraduate composed primarily of coffee and pointless trivia. Most of his time is spent on the web. About half of that time on the web is spent on Wikipedia and on blogs.

This blog is an amalgamation of the author’s thoughts, pursuits, interests….. well, anything he finds well worth mentioning. To pigeonhole is pointless. Amongst other things, the author enjoys physics, reading blogs, sudoku, reading about web 2.0, poetry, trying to understand the social networking phenomenon, technology, literature, lifehacks, philosophy, Calvin and Hobbes, meeting interesting people and photography. At some point or the other, the author has wanted to be a neurosurgeon, a journalist, an astrew-nut (age 5 or thereabouts), a quantum physicist, a programmer and a race car driver.

If not in person, then chances are you’ve met/seen/encountered this individual on Wikipedia/the blogosphere/Facebook/some SNS. This happens often. The author would like to hear from you. You could use the comments form and the author will get in touch with you. He promises.

There are times when the author will not be able to write for a while. That usually means he is busy with something else. Do check in though. He won’t have forgotten about you. He likes you. Really.

He will try his damnedest to ensure that you have something interesting to read while you’re here. He suggests you try the linkblog (the link to which is on the right) if you don’t particularly enjoy/appreciate/comprehend this blog. If you do however enjoy/appreciate/comprehend this blog you could subscribe to this blog using an aggregator or via email (again, links to the right).

Constructive suggestions/comments/criticisms are both welcome and appreciated on this blog. Don’t worry, the author does not always write in the third person.



  1. […] in and to chronicle snippets of my life as I go along. To get to know me better, check the ‘About‘ […]

    Pingback by Enter the Blogosphere « My Easel — June 30, 2007 @ 9:14 am | Reply

  2. Sunny, Love your blog! there is so much to learn, about you and about what you love.
    Keep on blogging, rest assured you have fans and well wishers.
    BUT, Dont go overboard, studies and degree come first ;-), although I know you will do well.
    You are the best!


    Comment by KABUL SENGUPTA — July 8, 2007 @ 11:30 pm | Reply

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